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Light Drives Out The Darkness

If I can be honest, this weekend has been rough emotionally. What unfolded in Virginia should never have happened. They say it shouldn't happen because it's 2017, it shouldn't have happened in 1937 either. The evil that unfolded this weekend has and never had a place in American history. To see that physical representation of so many people who so violently hate me and people that look like me does something to a person's emotional state, especially when it actually wasn't that long ago where this behavior was legalized. It's easy to declare "Remember 9/11 and Never Forget The Holocaust Victims." Yet we are constantly told to forget the Jim Crow and legalized slavery days. Just take a moment to think how that can make someone feel. It tells them that their ancestors past and struggles are not important, it tells them that they aren't important, and it tells them that what happened isn't important and necessary to remember. Let me be very clear, There's a Difference between remembering and holding on to unforgiveness, it's important to remember in order to lovingly understand, empathize, and sympathize. And also to be equipped, because since we are being honest, racism will never die, it's one of those sins that will be with us until our Savior returns. And this is an issue we have to be ready to combat once it shows its ugly head. For some of us, this weekend brought back memories of dogs being unleashed, water hose attacks, lynchings, being dragged with cars, & being considered 3/4 a person. Racism is very much alive in this country and like any other sin that seeks to destroy, we have to be equipped to combat it, we have to be willing to combat it. We know that love always wins, the light always drives out the darkness, until then, we definitely have work to do.

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